Our Mission

Getting into motorcycles isn't as simple as learning to drive. My intent is to give people a smooth and easy transition into riding motorcycles. Some are intimidated by the idea of riding a motorcycle itself and it certainly doesn't help that there aren't many easy ways to learn

This all started out as teaching some friends how to ride in a nearby empty parking lot and that's the atmosphere I strive to preserve. A laid back environment where you feel as if you're being taught by a friend.

About the Owner

I grew up in NY and when I was in highschool I knew I wanted to do something different. I decided to move to California and saved up my pennies from my part time job so I could buy a motorcycle. The whole learning process was an absolute nightmare for me. I just moved to San Diego and didn't know anyone at all, let alone someone that could teach me to ride.

But I didn't let that stop me. I went on Youtube, watched videos, and practiced on the bike I had already bought. I crashed the bike many times, hurt myself, and walked with a limp for weeks. I smashed my legs making so many mistakes that could've easily been avoided if I had some guidance. But even though I did it the hard way, I eventually got it.

Now I've been riding on a daily basis for coming on 10+ years and its become my passion. So many of my closest friends I met through riding and had I given up, I would have never met these people. All I want to do is help people get into riding and avoid the struggles I went through.