Beginner Motorcycle Lessons

(Private, 1 on 1)

These lessons are designed for people with ZERO experience with motorcycles. You will learn not only the basic fundamentals of riding a motorcycle, but also the specialized techniques to keep you safe on the streets.

How It Works

You show up, learn some basic controls, and within minutes you are on the motorcycle learning to ride.

1 on 1
Motorcycles can be intimidating, but with personalized instruction you get to learn at your own pace with no pressure at all.

Honda Rebel 300
The motorcycle you get to learn on is low powered, lightweight, and created specifically with new riders in mind.

Your Instructor - Samin
Riding a motorcycle is the most fun you can possibly have with your clothes still on. Give it a try and you'll see what I'm talking about.


San Diego 🌴

📍College Area, ~SDSU

Past Clients

Matt & Rosalyn

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** All lessons take place Saturdays + Sundays**

45 min lesson - $175

90 min lesson -   $350   $225

35% OFF

** As a first time rider, the 90 min lesson is recommended as it has been more beneficial for past clients.

>> F.A.Q:
  How many lessons will I need?

>> Answer:   It depends on the person's pace of learning, but for most past clients 3-4 hours of practice were needed to learn all the basic skills of riding a motorcycle.