Set Up A Lesson

Text Your Instructor (That's Me )

(My name is Samin by the way. It's pronounced Suh-mean)

Text me a message with your name/lesson length/city and I will respond with the next open time available.

For example,

"Hi Samin, this is John and I'm looking to set up a 90 min motorcycle lesson in San Diego"


I moved to San Francisco and I travel for work between SF and SD so will only be here every so often.

I'll be in SD teaching on 6/22 - 6/23 [Sat + Sun]

Timeslots fill up quickly so please reach out promptly to set up a time.



Click on number above if on mobile ⬆

[I have a 9-5 that requires my full focus so I won't respond during business hours but will get back to as soon as I can]


After we set a time, you must complete the checkout to finish setting up the lessons.

NOTE:  Until payment is done that timeslot is up for grabs for other people. I have other people to schedule and can't waste time waiting for you to finish checkout.

So please be prompt. Thank you!